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What readers are saying

“Oana Labes, MBA, CPA is highly skilled in business, strategy, accounting, and finance. Oana's depth of knowledge and abilities to communicate complex and detailed insights across platforms and audiences is unique and noteworthy. I highly recommend Oana!”

Stephen BeckAdvisor and Consultant, Independent

“Oana's strategic Financial Planning & Advisory content ticks all the boxes for growing businesses. Her advice is relevant, timely, thorough, practical, and pitched just right for a business audience. I am very happy to recommend her work to my career coaching clients who want to add a stronger Finance footing to their business skill set.”

Diane BlaxlandCEO, Expert Leaders

“Oana Labes has a remarkable ability to bring a real sense of clarity to complex and, for many, opaque topics around finance. A unique talent”

Dale HarrisonInforda Life Sciences

“Oana is highly qualified as a Finance professional. she has the ability to make it easy complex matters. she is also very generous and is always able to share her knowledge wirh her peers.”

Igor Ferreira RochaFinance Director

“Oana Labes creates awesome content for anyone that wants to improve their companies by clearing understanding how actions and inputs affect financial reporting. Finance people and accounting people don’t understand sales very well and most sales people don’t understand accounting and finance but everything is interrelated. Oana is great at making all of these nuances clear.”

John PohlhausGlobal Sales

“Oana one the best people that you can ask to provide you with the needful answers about finance, accounting and credit issue related financial statements. I'm always thankful for her support and feedback.”

Omar LutfiSenior Relationship Manager - Corporate and business banking

“I follow Oana on LinkedIn. She has a unique expertise in both accounting and banking. Just following her has been tremendously insightful. I really look forward to her content.”

Kyle KreppenhoferPrincipal (Calgary), Ashdown Capital

“Oana’s graphs 📈, charts and examples are very insightful and easy to navigate and understand. As an accounting and finance professor, I enjoy them very much. They are very useful!”

Carlos Diaz Assosciate Professor Johnson & Wales University

“I have found your work in Financial Strategies worthy of studying, especially the Cash Flow which is key. You have successfully guided my knowledge in Finance and well investment effortlessly in true yet simplest teaching techniques. My knowledge in FMVA definitely better than ever”

Mahmud A. HangaFinance & Business Development Advisor

“I've been following Oana for while and reading her contents. She is very capable of distilling her material and knowledge about many topics into easy to follow and understand concepts and ideas. She is spot-on on so many topics and I always learn something new when I read her contents-very helpful!”

Sam KhaliliehManaging Director / National Director